Goals For 2015

Most people make "New Year's Resolutions", which ultimately fail in the long run.  Many years ago, I chose to make GOALS rather than resolutions for both my personal life and now my business.  It seems to make reaching the end result more attainable.  So I thought I would create a page for my goals that can be updated more easily, as well as being readily accessible. 

REVISED for 2015 goals.

  •  Business Numbers
    •  Etsy Number of Sales - 100 
    • Total Number of Sales from Inception -   300
    • Total Sales Revenue - $3,500 
    • Pinterest Followers - 1500
    • Facebook Followers - 1,500 
    • Blog Followers - 200 
    • Instagram Followers - 500
    • Total New Sculptures Complete - 6 
  • General Business Goals: 
    • Continue to write more frequently/consistently on my blog.
    • Continue with the shout outs (go HERE to fill out the questionnaire to be featured) to help fellow artisans/crafters gain exposure while increasing my own exposure.   
    • Produce one tutorial/month for a total of 12. 
    • Fully develop my "spirit/totem animal" line of plates.
    • Fine tune my photo booth.  Take new pictures that show my products in a better light, cohesive background, and eye catching cropped views.
    • Get more organized!  Maintain the paperwork so I'm not rushing around at the end of the year trying to get everything together for taxes.   
    • Establish Newsletters for Ceramic Jewelry and Sculpture Lines    ACHIEVED - MAY 2015

Check back often and help keep me on track!  I'll be updating this page as I either add new goals to this list or accomplish them!  Many thanks my friends!!

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