Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas....

November 29...and the first "real snow" is on the ground.  The once green and brown ground is now covered in white fluffy stuff.  All day, as I worked in my studio with clay in my hands, I couldn't help but open the curtains and watch the slow, graceful decent the snowflakes were taking today.  I was never one that really cared for snow until recent years.  I hate being cold and having to put on cumbersome layers of clothing just to stay warm.  My sister Andrea helped changed all that.  She taught me to cross country ski 3 winters ago.  I won't be able to ski this winter due to my legs, but I can remember the simple pleasures being out in the snow gave me.  The chilly nose to nose kisses I use to have give my son when we would play in the snow building snowmen.  This year, Justin and I are going to figure out a way to get me up to where he is cutting our Christmas tree down.  I am taking my iPad with us.  I have Skype on it, and we plan on involving my son, Caden, in cutting down our tree...all the way from Massachusetts (where he lives with his dad and step-mom right now).  :)  Can't wait for all 3 of us to get our tree, to get it set up, and to decorate it together.

 No matter how much I've always disliked the winter, I have always LOVED Christmas!!  I love the magic of the season.  The magic of Santa and his reindeer; the elves and their toys.  Where acts of random kindness and stories of Pay It Forward seem to fill the media air waves.  The smiles on people's faces as they unwrap their goodies.  "Kindness and goodwill towards men".  :)

After several full days of creating, I am getting ready to start a bisque kiln and let the kiln work its magic for the evening.  In the late morning, early afternoon, I shall begin my crazy afternoon of glazing like a mad woman to be able to start a second kiln tomorrow night...the "glaze kiln". 


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