Monday, June 24, 2013

Mudita Monday - Asha Fenn

As a fairly new ceramic artist/potter, I have been VERY lucky and blessed to have made acquaintance with some amazing fellow artisans who have been more than happy to share their tips of the trade with me.  So periodically, I will be sharing their successes as part of Mudita Mondays.  Many other occupations/people would consider this odd and would see them as direct competition.  For the most part, ceramicists and potters are a VERY jovial and sharing group of people.  We do what we do because we want to and because we LOVE it.  Having our hand in clay is as much of who we are as the clothes we are and the air we breathe. 

I would not have found this hidden part of who I am without the amazing Asha Fenn.  She started off as my instructor, transitioned into my mentor, and has since become a very good friend.  She has the Pottery, Art & Writing Studio & Showroom off of US Route 1 in Stockton Springs, Maine.  Here, she primarily teaches pottery, but is able to teach a wide variety of painting skills and writing prowess.  She now has her pottery pieces in 11 galleries across the state of Maine.  She was the master-mind behind Maine Artists Group and continues to run the group as well as the online store/website.  She has shared glaze recipes with me, tips and tricks when I am having issues with my throwing.  In the last year, her outreach has grown exponentially and I could not be more proud of her as my mentor, and more happy for her as my friend.  Congratulations Asha!!!  I am sooo happy for your growth in the last 12 months!!!  OH!!  I almost forgot to mention...she is also a member of the prestigious Maine Made organization! 

Namaste my friend!!  Mudita!!

To find Asha please click on the links above.  She can be found on Facebook, Twitter, her business website and blog.  The links listed below are those for her Pottery, Art & Writing Studio & Showroom business:


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