Friday, November 7, 2014

A New Line...

The last several months have been a rough transition period to say the least.  In my decision to pare down what I make in an effort to be able to focus on honing and building my sculpture skills, to say that  my sales have been hit would be an understatement.  ha  But in this transition, not only have I decided to focus on my sculpting, but I've also chosen to work on and build on my ceramic jewelry offerings.

You may be wondering why, as these are 2 VERY different areas.  And for me, the answer is simple.  Because when I'm hurting too damn bad to be in the studio sculpting, I can bring a hunk of clay and a board into the living room, have my feet up and the heating pad on, and STILL be able to make stuff.  I LOVE it.  It's also really helping me focus on attention to detail.

yes, I still have my Etsy store.  But I also have joined an online marketplace that is exclusively for artisan components.  The makers are amazing and supportive, and I have learned a LOT during the process of getting this new venue up and running.  It is called the Artisan Component Marketplace.

It had it's "soft opening" a few weeks ago, but tomorrow, November 8, 2014, is the GRAND OPENING!!  As such, I am offering an incentive for anyone who goes and participates in the grand opening.  Enter coupon code GRANDOPENING and you will receive 25% your order, from November 8 through November 15.  As part of the grand opening festivities, there are also give aways and contests going on.

For all my jewelry making friends, there is a DESIGN CONTEST.
More than half the shops are hosting GIVEAWAYS.

There are a couple of ways that you can find my shop.  You can go to the ACM homepage, and then click on the shop directory, look for JSB Arts.  By doing it this way, you have the opportunity to check out the other amazing artisans.  There are components made from glass, wood, fiber, metal clay, ceramics, et al.  The second way to find me is to go directly to my ACM page.

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