Saturday, August 8, 2015

Summer Lovin' Design Challenge/Blog Hop Reveal

 It's reveal time!  Time to see what everyone has created with my components!  SO EXCITING (at least for me... :-D ).  I've been making ceramic jewelry for a few years, but was using silicone/rubber molds to create the charms.  Lately, I've been working on creating my own texture stamps, trying to find my own aesthetic.  This was my first time hosting a design challenge/give away.  Seeing what folks are able to create with my ceramic beads, as well as receiving any additional critiques and comments, has been truly beneficial! 

Without further ado... time to see what everyone has created!  Some early birds have already posted their pics (it's 0700 EST).  Looking forward to seeing all the designs throughout the day! 

If you're a jewelry designer... would YOU be interested in participating in a future design challenge?  What theme would you like to see?  Leave me your suggestions and comments in the comments below!

To see more of my components available for purchase, please see my Artisan Component Marketplace store.

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