Friday, December 21, 2012

New Traditions

Sitting in the living room alone tonight while my fiance has been in bed for hours, I'm left with late night television and my thoughts.  2012 has been a hard year for a lot of reasons.  I am forever the optimist...always finding the silver lining in every situation.  My fiance and I are looking for a home closer to where my son lives with his father to make things less difficult for my son (Side note - my son lives with his dad due to my health.  long story short.  One of these days I'll get more in depth with the explanation...).  But looking for a house that works with what I need as far as accessibility (need to be able to get around in the wheelchair), and what my fiance wants as far as land, and being in a good school for Caden...and still trying to find something within our price range...HA.  NOT happening...  But then things started getting busier with my business.  Ya know the saying that when one door closes, look for the open window??  Or something along those lines...This may be it.  Patience is not my forte, but I may need to embrace it for this house hunt.  My business is growing in popularity and sales...perhaps the increase in sales and exposure is the window that opened up for us for finding the right home...Silver linings in every situation...  :)

Along those same lines...I was speaking to a friend of mine that made one helluva suggestion.  I am thinking of starting a limited edition ornament for each month, that will only be created during that specified month.  I have a few ideas floating around...but would LOVE your suggestions.  What kind of limited edition ceramic ornaments would YOU like to see??  I was thinking of an edited version of the Mayan Calender for January 2013...We survived the apocalypse!  :-D  Looking forward to your thoughts!



  1. Sorry you have had a rough year, but like you said there's always silver linings.

    I think the Mayan Calendar would be an awesome idea for an ornament!

  2. I like the Maya Calendar Ornament too!
    So hoping the 2013 is so much better for all!