Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wacky Wednesday - I'm Getting Married on Saturday!!! OMG!

Today, is August 7, 2013.  3 days....  that's it... 3 days until I become Mrs. Barnes.  So much left to do, but so much that has already been done!  I posted a tutorial last week about how I made our wedding favors.  I'm hoping they're a big hit, and everyone likes them. :)  I thought that doing the whole "DIY" wedding thing would be easy... Boy was I wrong!  It seems like the littlest things can affect the entire event.  Our rental for tables and chairs fell through so we have been scrambling trying to figure that out..  Pretty sure we've got it squared away...  But jeez!  Have you ever tried finding someplace to rent/sign out tables and chairs less than 2 weeks out from a wedding?  NOT an easy task...

But we have mason jars filled with blue glass stones that will have small candles in them hung all over the yard...  Glass jars with the same fabric used to create the boys' kilts wrapped around them with daisies inside, all set up along the aisle, and then moved to the tables to decorate them for the reception.  Programs printed, food is being taken care of my family...  good lord.  I'm pretty happy that I get along so well with my future in-laws.  They have truly been amazing! 

I will say... that all this wedding planning has put a HUGE dent in my sales for my pottery.... I put my Etsy store on vacation, and it kind of sucks not having that income filtering in.  May not have been much, but it was enough to allow me to replenish my glazes and such.  I am hoping to open the store back up again very shortly after the wedding...

Anyway... I'm sure there is something I should be doing, final wedding prep and such... so off I go for now! 


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  1. Wishing you a lovely wedding day (August 10th is a great date!)