Saturday, December 28, 2013

Shoutout to JustinCredible Pottery!

I don't know Justin in person... but we potters are crazy.. and make close connections via a variety of online groups and communities.  I met Justin through one such group, "Clay Buddies" on Facebook.  (Side note...I REALLY LOVE THAT GROUP! :) )

Name: Justin DeWitt

Business Name(s): JustinCredible Pottery

Date Business Was Opened: June 2013

Types of Items Offered: Oddball one of a kind functional pottery

Why did you decide to open/start your own business?: I needed someplace to put my excess pottery, so why not sell it and get paid

What is your inspiration?: Still working on that…….. :P   My family, to constantly better myself

Mugs and ornaments for the WeCare charity auction
What is your favorite item in your own shop? I’m not sure I have a favorite, they are all my babies! But I do love my “WeCare” mugs I made for our local charity auction 4 mug and 24 ornaments raised over $600 for needy families 

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone looking into starting their own business? Have a plan….. Still working on mine, still trying to figure it all out

Justin at a local farmers market during the summer of 2013.
Where can people find your goodies?: Well this year it has been my local farmer’s market, and various local craft shows. Of course, I do a lot of sales directly from my Facebook page and website. Planning on getting into more art shows this year, if I can ever build up enough inventory. 

Social Media/Website links:
Fun Questions!
Favorite Color: Clear

Favorite Food: Probably pizza, I seem to eat it all the time

Favorite Vacation Spot: Vacation?!?!?!  Whats that? Haven't been on vacation in 11 years

Favorite Book:  I wait for the movie versions

Favorite Movie: All of them!!!

Thanks for taking the time to do the interview Justin!  It's been great getting to know you better!  If I have one piece of advice for you... never give up and keep on working hard!  The first year of business is always the most difficult!  Full of self-doubt, trials, and tribulations.  Just keep pushing forward!  I REALLY LOVE the "We Care" line! 


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