Sunday, December 29, 2013

USPS Changing Their Rates

Heads up everyone!  I've copied and pasted the new shipping rates going into effect for the USPS.  These new rates will start on 26 JANUARY 2014.

You can find the detailed information about all the proposed price increases HERE.

I primarily use the USPS First Class postage as it is the most cost efficient.  The average price increase for USPS First Class will be roughly 5%.  Items ordered in the US are typically delivered within 5 business days.  I do offer the option to Priority should people need/want (just something to keep in mind.. :) ).  I will do my best to keep my ware prices as well as my shipping prices the same, but if you've ordered from me before and notice a slight price increase... it's reflective of the increase in postage/S&H across the board.

2014 First Class Package Service Rates
First Class Shipping Fees
***Also, keep in mind that the fees displayed are strictly for the USPS fees.  The S&H fees I charge in my Etsy shop reflect all supplies required to get your wares safely to you (such as the boxes, packing material, tape, et al).  Any overage of $1 or more is refunded after the order has shipped. ***

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