Monday, May 13, 2013

Mudita Monday - 13 May 2013

It is rather refreshing to be thinking of all the positives in ones life, rather than focusing on the negatives.  There is so much negativity in the world, that sometimes by taking a step back and looking through a different lens, the world doesn't look so dark. 

Today, is all about my future mother-in-law (MIL).  The last eight months have gone by in a whirlwind.  While it did seem that the winter dragged on and that we are only three months from the wedding, it seems like it was just yesterday that my fiance and I set our wedding date!  Robbie, my future MIL, has been such a tremendous help!!!  She went with me to go dress shopping for my wedding dress, planned my bridal shower this past weekend with gram (her mom)..and those are just a few examples of the icing on the cake.  When Justin and I first started dating, she (along with the rest of the family) welcomed me into the family right away and made me feel welcome.  When I introduced her to my 11 year old son, she didn't bat an eye, but welcomed him with open arms and already considers him her grandson and part of the family.  If there is ever anything we need, she is one of the first ones to offer to come help.  She faces some health issues as well, but always makes sure that Justin and I are all set.  When she and John come up to visit, she helps get the house back to being squared away and clean.  She watches her great-niece and nephew during the week after school as well as during school breaks. 

I can see now where Justin gets his constant giving and selfless behavior from.  Robbie is selfless and gives all she can to her family and those she loves.  I am very lucky indeed to be able to call her "mama", my MIL.  Thank you for all you do for our little family mama!  I don't know where we would be with your help and support! 

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