Monday, May 27, 2013

Mudita Monday - 27 May 2013

Ya know...despite all my set backs the last few years and the people who have done wrong by me...I have many people to be happy for, to be "unselfishly joyful" for.  But today is not a day of joy.  It is a day of remembrance. Remembering all those who have fought before our generations (as well as those current) and paid the ultimate sacrifice.  To remember those veterans you may know in your community.  Some may be silent about their service, and other are vocal about their experiences.  It's time to remember that this freedom, that the government is trying to infringe upon, was not free.  People who believed in freedom for the people, free of government and religious directives and interference; fought for their rights to live in a nation they wanted to raise their children in. 

This is probably one of the more politically tinged posts I have and will ever post.  But this is important to me.  Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines all have continued to fight for that freedom since the day the Declaration of Independence was signed July 4, 1776.  Please remember to thank a veteran today.  If you see someone with a Korea hat on walking down the street, thank them for their service.  If you see an OIF veteran in a wheelchair, thank them for their service.  So I guess you could say, for today, my "mudita" or unselfish joy, is in the joy and happiness of other veterans, who are living life one day at a time, the best they can and the only way they know how. 

Thank you to those active duty as well as all the veterans in my friends and family circle!!!

Kathy Mayo
Joe Mayo
Tracy Anderson
Cory Smith
Chris Degen
Don Anderson
Bud Anderson
Archie Maze
Barney Degen, Sr.

Cory Charpentier
Amanda Broomfield
Jody Cope
Christina Dickson
Kandi Wilson
Kimberly March
Brandy Barraza
Nicole Phelan
Sheldon Yamasaki
DeShon Bell

ALL 3/3ID Dogface Soldiers!

And to anyone I may have missed, I am sorry!  You know my memory sucks!!  heh

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