Monday, September 2, 2013

Mudita Monday - 2 Sept 13 - Sandy Lamontange

As one of the leaders of the Etsy Maine Team, I get to assist in choosing the "MOM", also known as the member of the month.  There's no prize.. just recognition for a job well done.  

Sandy Lamontange of "GrandmaSandeze"
This month, our MOM is Sandy Lamontange.  And let me tell you.. it is well deserved!  She works hard to create numerous treasuries featuring as many team members' works as she can, and she always spreads the love.  She doesn't focus or favor one specific person/shop.  So this month, we all plan on creating treasuries in her name, with her being the #1 featured shop!  If you're on Etsy, please help us celebrate Sandy's nomination as our Member of the Month.
Scarf made by Sandy of Grandma Sandeze

Sandy's shop is called "Grandma Sandy's Boutique" and features beautiful hand knit items; from socks to scarfs, bibs to booties..  Her creations are truly top notch quality!

 This scarf is one of my favorites!  I love the colors!  Blues and greens have always been partial to my heart.

I couldn't think of a better person to write about today, on this Mudita Monday.  Namaste and Mudita to you Sandy! <3

Wondering what this whole "Mudita Monday" thing is all about?  Go HERE, to my initial post to learn more about it. 

'Til next time my friends!

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