Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The last year has been chock full of transitions.  The best one of course, is being referred to as "Mrs. Barnes" now that I am a married woman. :)  But there have been other transitions.  My 11 year old son has come to live with us full time (YAY); I am unable to throw as much on the potters wheel as I would like due to my legs; and as a solitary potter, it is difficult to learn new techniques from other members in a studio, my "teacher" is YouTube.  Which don't get me wrong, there are a lot of wonderful videos on various pottery techniques on YouTube, but the camaraderie just isn't the same..

Having my son here with us is amazing.  It completes our little family, for sure.  He likes to come into my home studio with me and play with clay.  He has been making a snake family.  Very proud of him!  School started nearly two weeks ago, so getting into that routine, making sure chores are done, homework gets completed, and soon we will be adding sports practices and games to that as well!

I have been having increasing pain and weakness in my legs.  I have discovered that 15 minutes is the max that I can sit at my wheel and throw.  And where I am still learning much of the nuances of throwing on the wheel, 15 minutes just isn't going to cut it.  I have considered raising the wheel to a height so that when I sit on a bar stool, my legs are not at the same angle as when I am sitting.  It will be trial and error to find which angle works the best...perhaps this winter will be a good time for that... As a result, I have switched over to most hand building..ok...entirely hand building.  My slab roller is getting a lot of use.  However, if I do say so myself, I have been creating some pretty cute things!  Hoping that a lot of what is currently cooling down in my glaze firing in the kiln will turn out awesome, and the store in Caribou will take it in on consignment.  Speaking of which!  There is a new store that I will be selling my wares at in Caribou!  It's called "Works of Heart".  You should definitely check it out!  GREAT hand-made, Maine Made, items.  They also feature wooden furniture made by a local Amish community.

I have also begun using a new logo, created by the amazing Patricia Shea, of Patricia Shea Designs.  I feel that it showcases more of what I'm about.  The red, white, and blue coloring almost always invoke feelings of patriotism.  It's what I fought for for nearly 4 years as a combat medic.  Love the stars as well.  The smaller one, without pictures, is currently my FB business profile image as well as my Etsy avatar.  The larger, rectangular shaped one, is my FB cover photo. What are your opinions of the new logo???  Would love to hear your thoughts/feedback!!

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