Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fighting Through the Pain

Yesterday I went grocery shopping with my fiance and cousin and discovered what my limit is.  (ALWAYS looking for that silver lining...ha).  My legs started hurting after 30 minutes of walking, pushing the cart and using it as a "walker".  Took us a total of 45 minutes to finish everything.  Needless to say, I was a hurting unit.  Today wasn't a whole lot better.  But I had "work" to do. 

When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.  :)  My pottery and ceramics allows me to zone out and fight through the pain.  Today was just such a day.  I had a lot of pieces to glaze and forced myself to get it done.  Lots of little trinket plates with various stamped impressions, pendants, and several custom orders.  My cat plate was one of them...they are quite popular!  The display on the shelf changes with each plate, so each one will always be unique. 

Also in the kiln is a lighthouse light/nightlight.  First one I've made and really like how it turned out.  I'm hoping that the glaze job I did with my cousin turns out just as well and highlights the awesomeness of the piece!  hehe 

I have several more custom orders that I need to start working on.  I love custom orders, and made to order items, as they give me something to focus on.  Rather than the stabbing pain in my legs, I instead focus on the creative aspect of my pieces.  The detailed hand painting some of them require.  the hand-built pieces that require extra attention.  When I'm in the middle of the creative process, I zone out.  It can be a nice reprieve from the pain.  But the moment I come out of the zone, the pain is no longer blocked, and it comes back with a vengeance.  Tonight is such a night.  After my glazing marathon, and starting the glaze kiln; I am in my wheelchair.  Ah well.  So is life.  There are good days and bad days....and today is just "one of those days".

I know my posts are kind of all over the place right now.  Thank you for staying with me.  I'm trying to get my mind back into the habit of writing with fluidity.  I used to write quite fluidly without much thought; but now it's more difficult.  I lose my train of thought, have a hard time finding the right word, difficulty explaining certain things...just part of the package I guess.

Anyway...THANKS for all your support.  I love feedback and please leave me comments.  I'm open to corrective criticism.  It's the only way I'll get better!



  1. I am stopping by from the Blart Blog Hop.

    The nightlight sounds nice. It's nice that you can get a break from the pain.

  2. Hi Shawna, I totally understand what you are talking about here, that your art is a way to escape your pain/challenges. I use my animals in a similar way. The time that I spend with my animals is time that I don't have to think about my challenges. I have PTSD which is triggered by people and soothed by animals. I can't imagine trying to get through a day without spending time with them and suspect that making time for your art is similarly as important.
    Keep up the great work! Your products are fantastic!
    :) Che

  3. I found you through Blog Hop :) Perhaps this year will be a building year for you. Good luck.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the nice things you said.

    Your cat plate is so cute. It caught my eye because I love and collect black cats. I even have a real one named Punkie.

    Best of luck with your business!

  5. Thanks for adding my button!! I kept this web button task in the back burner cuz ya'know.. I'm not an avid blogger.. I'm trying to be better this year and you really kick me in the butt to find out how. SO THANK YOU!

    And you know you're pretty amazing.. love the mug you made for me and all your new creations or looking pretty freakin amazing. :D

    Now.. it's my turn to grab a button ;)

  6. Che - art is definitely my escape and one I embrace!!
    Sheryl - You are more than welcome. :)
    Mei (Myoga Craft Cave) - That's what friends are for! We push one another to reach that next goal and help motivate when we are close. :) You have motivated me more than you know! <3