Saturday, February 1, 2014

Shoutout to Laura of Sun Flower Freckles

My birthday is today!!  The dreaded 3-0.  No biggy.  lol.  SO my birthday present to you,  is this awesome interview with Laura of Sun Flower Freckles!  The Etsy Maine Team is full of some amazingly talented folks, and I'm so glad to be able to get to know them all!!

It's a family affair!

Laura Decato

Business Name(s)

Date Business Was Opened/Created
September 2012

Types of Items/Services Offered
Sewing - Clothes, Bows, Bags, Belts, Toys, etc

The guinea pig! :-D
Why did you decide to open/start your own business?
I have always enjoyed crafting and I was make things for my family but it got to a point where my daughter's closet was too full of clothes so it gave me the idea to start selling my creations.
What is your inspiration?
My children are my inspiration, my son and daughter love when I make things for them and often times they help with the cutting, sewing or stuffing of projects. My biggest challenge is finding items for boys, so I use my son as a tester!

What is your favorite item/service you currently offer in your business?
My bows are a huge hit, I started out making them as just Bow Ties but my daughter really liked them so after some brainstorming together we realized how we could make them so they could have a variety of uses. Now they can slide onto Headbands or clip directly into hair. I even have a few customers who buy the Bows to slid onto their Cats and Dog collars.
Alice in Wonderland themed photo shoot. Adorable!

What advice do you have for someone looking to start/open their own business?
Have patience, it takes a while to build up a business. It's going to take some time for customers to find you and in the meantime put your name out into social media how ever you can. Since I sew, I sign up to be tester for different pattern makers - it gives me a chance to test new patterns for free and lets others see my work who normally wouldn't.

Where can people find your items/services?
Downtown Handmade and Vintage - Lewiston, Maine
Bonnie's Place - Rockport, Maine  



Favorite Color(s)Green and Blue

Favorite Food(s):  Peanut Butter Cup Blizzards

Favorite Vacation Spot:  Home

Favorite Book:  Girl of the Limberlost

Favorite MovieChristmas Vacation

Thank you Laura for taking the time to do this interview!  I LOVE that you get the kids involved and have them actively be part of the business!  My son likes to play with clay when I'm sitting in the studio.  It's GREAT to be able to give our children that kind of creative outlet, isn't it??

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