Friday, February 7, 2014

Energy Drought

For the last month, my energy reserves have been non existent.  It seems like fatigue has been my middle name, AND the name of the game.  I just cannot seem to get out of my own way.  Which is proving to be a problem.  I haven't been in the studio to create in well over a week. :(  I yearn to have my hands in clay... my soul cries out for the release.  
But my body has different ideas.  I can't seem to get out of my own way.  I get up after sleeping for 10-16 hours (yes, that's a big time span, but it changes from day to day), make some coffee (the life sustaining force), and the I sit in my chair...sipping my coffee...trying to wake up.  By the time I've woken up...I'm tired again.  NO energy.  Fatigue is NOT my friend.  It's actually rather infuriating.  I got shit to do!

My service dog, Kane.  Sleeping on the floor in my studio.

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