Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Still Writing...

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned I was writing a book (You can read up on it HERE- Crafting Your Creative Space)  Well, I'm still writing. :-)  I know that's not abnormal by any stretch of the imagination...but I'm learning that it is MUCH more involved than I initially thought.  I want to do it RIGHT.  so I'm doing lots of research and less writing at the moment.  Connecting with other ceramic artists/potters, health care professionals, and colleagues.  

I'm still looking for people to fill out my questionnaire and send me pictures of their craft space.  Though the book will be geared towards pottery and ceramics, my hope is that people from all craft/fine art arenas will find something useful within its pages.  So if you're a crafter and want to fill out the questionnaire, or if you have a disability and have ideas/methods of adapting common practices/equipment, please EMAIL me.

I've been using a program called Scrivener to organize my notes and write my book.  It's proven to be great thus far, as far as getting the wording out and organizing the structure...but that's about it.  I want this book to be fairly full of pictures and examples of studio spaces with/without adaptations... So figuring out the layout is rather important to me.  I feel that the layout is almost as important as the content with the type of book I'm writing.  Anyone have any suggestions on a program that would help me figure out the layout?  Right now, I have 15 pages of written text (YAY!).  Still a long way to go though....

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