Sunday, January 19, 2014

Crafting Your Creative Space...Almost

Hey there!  I have been looking high and low for a book to help me better set up my home pottery studio.  I have unique needs, and was hoping someone out there had written about how to alter your space to accommodate for a variety of disabilities...Guess what...they haven't!  Crazy, I know...So guess what that means?  I have taken on the project.  


I plan on tackling a wide range of areas.  I have the basic outline
Glazing away at my work table
established with some notes/sections written.  Basic safety, tools and supplies (and their suppliers), an overview of ceramic artists/potters from around the world and their studios, and of course, the BEST part of the book...will be about how to alter your creative space to best suit your needs.  Hard of hearing or deaf? 
Make sure any and all alarms are hooked up with a visual/bright light alarm in addition to the traditional auditory one.  Have mobility issues?  Set up your studio so that the aisle ways are wide enough for a wheelchair, and/or so that you have handholds along the way in case you lose your balance.  Those are just two very minor details/suggestions that will be found in my book.  It will be geared towards ceramics/pottery studios, however I am hoping that many of the tips/tricks will be applicable to many types/forms of creative spaces.  It's all about making a safe place for the artist in us to come out and create.

Still working on an appropriate title... It will come to me soon  hope.

Trying to decide how to set it up..
Remember me mentioning a section about potters from around the world and their studios?  Well, I'm looking for you!  If you are a ceramic artist, and wouldn't mind filling out a brief survey and sending a few pictures of your studio space, please get in touch with me!  Any/all contributors, whose material I use, will receive a free e-book copy of the book once complete.  

If you are a general crafter/DIY enthusiast and you have ideas/suggestions/examples on how YOU have altered your creative space to mitigate some form of disability, I'm interested in hearing from you too!  No "disability" is silly or minor.  I'm looking for suggestions all across the board.  What you may consider common sense, others may not even think of when it comes to adapting their space.  When you are too close to the can be difficult to think outside the box.  

IF you're interested in lending a helping hand you can respond to this post or email me at If you know of someone who may be able to help, please show them the way to this post. :) 


TTFN My friends!

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