Sunday, January 12, 2014

Shoutout to Katrina of Amphitrite Studio!

Etsy Maine Team members come through yet again!  Meet Katrina, a fiber fashionista, if you will.  LOL  

Name: Katrina Napolitan

Business Name(s): Amphitrite Studio

Date Business Was Opened: 2000

Types of Items Offered: 
I offer natural fiber, one of a kind women's fashions & accessories all handmade by myself in midcoast Maine. 

Why did you decide to open/start your own business?: 
I opened my own company to follow my passions! I started out as a  photographer and artist but my love for sewing and design took over. As of 2012, I left my full time 'day job' to be able to focus more on my company & my love of clothing. At the age of 33, I went back to college to get my Associates in Science; Business major to help me run the business end of it all to the best of my ability. Most of my life prior to now was spent helping others pursue their business dreams. I've always worked for small businesses and I'm happy to have helped them all, but now its time for me! I wanted to pursue my own dream now.

What is your inspiration?: 
My inspiration is Maine. I adore Maine, it's nature and it's way of life. I like to pull colors found in nature into my designs. I get inspiration for my fibers & fabrics from the falling powdery snow & the sands of the beaches. I am inspired by the durability of Maine's people, the comfort they seek and the style they deserve. All in all, this inspiration from Maine is pulled into comfortable & stylish clothing, made of natural and organic fibers, wearable for work or for play, pair-able with heels & pearls or Jeans & boots.   

What is your favorite item in your own shop?
My modal nighties are my favorite. I have one myself. They are so incredibly soft and comfortable to wear, whether lounging around the house or sleeping. The flirty edge makes you feel feminine, the soft draping fabric makes you feel sexy, and all the while comfy as my boyfriends favorite old t-shirt. 

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone looking into starting their own business?
Don't give up & stay positive! No matter what your daily life brings, if your business is your passion, never give in and quit. If things need to go on a back burner, they won't get any attention and they won't grow. You need to focus on the SUCCESS of your business instead of small failures. There will always be something that can bring you down, use those times to think of all the awesome things you've gotten from your business. For every one 'bad' customer, you have ten
fold of the wonderful ones. 

Where can people find your goodies?:
I have an Etsy shop ( where I sell most of my goods. I am starting to work the event circuit in Maine more now, so I can be found through out the state at those. I always link events to all my social media, so if you are a follower you won't miss it! Locally, I have a studio set up in my home in Newcastle Maine where I offer private viewings upon appointment. Also locally in Boothbay Harbor you can find my scarves & gloves at Aura Hair Design (map and address,

Social Media/Website links:

Fun Questions!

Favorite Color: Teal, Turquoise and most derivatives of. 

Favorite Food: Coffee is my sustenance!

Favorite Vacation Spot: The woods, anywhere.

Favorite Book: The Giving Tree <3

Favorite Movie: So many to choose from! I'm a Princess Bride fanatic, that's for sure, but I don't watch a ton of movies.
What GREAT advice on starting your own business!  Many words of wisdom, that's for sure!  Thank you sooo very much for taking the time to do this little interview!  I wish you nothing but continued joy and successes in ALL your endeavors!  

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