Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Floorplan Dilema

A very early mornin to ya!  :)  Wide awake at 0300 in the morning, so I've been working on my book.  Debbie Appleby of Appleby Pottery was one of the first potters to respond to my request of information.  So I've used her questionnaire and photos to piece together her home/garage studio.  Tonight, I've spent the time playin' with a new program (that's FREE) called Sweet Home 3D to work on the blueprints and/or floor plans of the example studios that will be included in my book.  But here is my quandary... I'm not sure which version/style to include in the book...

So Debbie...sorry to use you as an example/guinea pig, but I'm looking forward to seeing what it is people are looking for. :)  So here is what I'm calling the "blue print" version -->

And these are the 3D versions -->
My question for ya'll, is which style do you prefer?  If you were looking for a book the had examples of how to set up your craft/studio space, which layout/picture would be more helpful? 
 Is it the blueprint version?  
Or the floorplan/layout version?  Or would you want to see both, plus real pictures of how the studio space looks in person, if they layouts were based on real places?

Please keep in mind these images are still VERY much in a rough draft and ARE the property of myself.  PLEASE do not use these images unless you are given verbal/written permission from myself. 

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