Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ceramic Sunday - II

 Good morning!  And what a blustery morning it is here in northern Maine!  I missed last week's Sunday Ceramics...(woops!)... and not a whole lot to say today, except it's my baby boy's birthday!!!  Can't believe he's 12 already.  Ya know when your parents tell you when you're growing up that time flies, but you don't believe them because when you're a just
D    R    A    G    S   on?  Well, I believe ya now, Mom!  LOL  Going to be a family day for my punkerhead's birthday.  He was all excited that I made him a smoothie...I used to make them all the time, but haven't made them in a while...and boy was Frozen and probably the new Percy Jackson movie...he does love that series.
he happy!  Going to spend the day watching

So, I'm sorry that today, though it is Ceramic Sunday, this post is not ceramic related...BUT... my baby's day of birth is a tad better than mud...barely. ;)

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