Monday, March 24, 2014

2014 Goals - 2 down, 12 to go!!

At the beginning of the year, I created a page for my 2014 Business Goals, to not only help me keep track of the goals I set for myself; but also so ya'll can help keep me accountable.  One way to almost always achieve your goals, regardless of what they are, is to share it with loved ones, friends, and/or the public.  Once you've put anything out there for the public to see...there is an innate pressure to uphold your end of the bargain.

WELL, ya'll did it again!!!  As of 24 March 2014, I have achieved my second goal of 14.  My goal was to have 100 people who like me and what I have to say enough to follow me.  So....a very BIG thank you to all of you who have come to see what I have to say!!! 

For an update on my first goal already achieved...I have 714 followers on Pinterest!  64 more than what I had set my initial goal for!!!  I wonder if I could make it 1000 by year's end... hmmm.... :-D  One of the things I really love about Pinterest, is that there is inspiration EVERYWHERE!  Sure, I post some of my finished products, products offered by fellow Etsy Maine Team members...but it also affords me a place to "pin" ideas/inspiration for a WIDE variety of applications.  For example, I follow a LOT of pottery folk that are also on Pinterest....(and now, also on Google +), and they post glaze recipes/colors that I cannot WAIT until I can try when I start mixing my own glazes.  I can keep track of different artwork that I find inspirational and want to incorporate in my pottery/ceramics, and pay homage to my Native American heritage.  It also gives me a venue to try to help others...whether it's people I know, or those who I support based on common ideas/goals/struggles, whatever. Sure, Pinterest is great for business, and I DO get looks/views on my Etsy store from my posts on Pinterest.  But it also allows me to connect with some amazing people, sharing our thoughts and inspirations with the world.  And what's funny???  This blog allows me many of those same sorts of inspirations and abilities...  I can share whatever it is I want to share.  Some posts are inherently more popular than others...and that's ok.  But this is my digital/online voice.  I bring awareness to a lot of aspects of life that many of you may not be cognizant of.  And I enjoy doing that!  So once again...THANK YOU for tuning in, and listening to what I have to say!!!  I truly appreciate every view, comment, and share! 

For anyone/everyone else... Don't be afraid to set wacky, way out there goals that you may not achieve.  Without the push to strive for the extreme, you may not get anywhere.  Remember, that any movement is still movement which is better than being stagnant.  Every little bit helps.  Find the silver lining in all situations, and continue to strive!!

Did you set New Year's resolutions/goals?  If you did, what are they?  Have you achieved any of them yet?  Please share below!  I would love to know what other goals people are setting for themselves and how you are going about achieving them!

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