Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dreams, Goals, Ambitions

Hubby and I just got done having a conversation that is rather thought provoking. He asked me what my goals were with my business. Well to make money of course was the first joking remark. But in all actuality...I want to completely move over to sculpting. Still make some of the small odds and ends when I need a break..and they make GREAT kiln fillers so there's no wasted space...but I want to sculpt. I want my sculptures to have meaning and for those messages to be embraced by the world. I want the message that my sculptures emote to be known throughout the world. Quite a lofty goal, no? But that's me...dream big! I know it won't happen over night. And it may not happen in the next 10 years. But by golly...It WILL happen. :)

To expand a little bit... I know I have a unique voice, as well as a unique message to get out to people.  Clay has become my passion, and I am so very thankful to my mentor and instructor, Ms. Asha Fenn, for helping to light this fire.  There is so much in me that yearns to be released, but I haven't quite found the key yet.  I feel like I'm getting close to unlocking my true potential...but not quite there yet.  With each new skill I learn, I get a little bit closer.  Looking forward to hopefully attending a workshop at Haystack this summer...it's on sculpting the bust of a figure, which will be extremely helpful.  (I took this black and white photo when I was stationed at Fort Benning in Georgia.  There is a BEAUTIFUL state park called "Calloway Gardens"....simply beautiful all year 'round!  Reminds me of laying on my back as a kid, looking up at the sky/sun through the trees and just letting my mind wander....day dream... <3)

So in lieu of my chit-chat with hubby..what are YOUR goals for your business? Do you create just to bring home the bacon? Because it's a release? You enjoy it? What is your motivation for keeping your business going? What do you strive for in your endeavor?  Hoping this will spark some interesting conversation amongst us all. :) 

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