Saturday, March 22, 2014

Gathering of information...

Starting back in January, I began posting that I was working on writing a book.  And not just any book, but one on how to best set up your own creative haven.  I've had lots of interest from folks who think it's a great idea and want to help, and then I send them the questionnaire.  Some people aren't able to open it up, some get it filled out but then can't get it back to me...SO...I thought to my self.."self...why not create an online form for folks to fill out..."

So that's what I did!  For those of you who have been following this book idea and have thought about contributing but haven't yet...I've just made it a helluva lot easier!  Just click on this link for the STUDIO FORM, and it will take you to the online form.  You won't have to try to save a word document and send it back to me now.  It's easy-peasy!

For those that are just now tuning in...this book will be about how to set up a studio effectively, and efficiently.  It will also take into account how to alter your work space based on a variety of disabilities.  This book project started because this is something I was looking for...for well over a year...and couldn't find.  I needed ideas on how to set up my home studio to help mitigate some of the issues I faced because of my disabilities.  Well...since I couldn't find it....I figured I'd write it!  You can see in my Floorplan Dilema post, a sneak peak on what some of the graphics will look like.  SOOO easy to see how to set up your studio based on different layouts or options you have available.  In this example, my colleague, Debbie, transformed the garage in the rental she lives in, into her studio space.  Is it ideal?  Probably not.  But she's made it work to the best of her ability.  And THAT'S what this book will be about.  It will also have some tips and tricks for those that are fortunate enough to be able to build/remodel to create the studio space of their dreams.

So again, if you're interested, please fill out the brief questionnaire.  It shouldn't take more then 10 minutes of your time, and you will potentially be helping hundreds...if not thousands (some day..) of people in their journey towards creating THEIR artistic haven.  

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